Bodrum Yacht Rental




Evolution is a luxury charter yacht located in the Bodrum district of Muğla, Turkey. This 32-meter-long yacht offers top-tier accommodation for up to 10 guests in its 4 cabins. Whether you’re interested in hourly, daily, or weekly charters, Ariela is available throughout the summer season in Bodrum. You can quickly inquire about the yacht’s hourly and weekly charter rates by contacting our yacht charter company. Ariela’s daily charter rate is $9,000. Call us now to make your reservation for Ariela Yacht!”

Services Offered

  • We can dock at the harbor or pier of your choice at any time.
  • You have the flexibility to stop the cruise at any location of your preference.
  • We can shop for your food and beverage preferences.
  • Wireless internet access.

Rental Conditions

  • Conditions that you must adhere to for your comfort and safety during the rental period.
  • Compliance with maritime regulations is mandatory throughout the rental.
  • The number of passengers must not exceed the count specified during the reservation.
  • Changes to the initially planned cruising route should not be requested during the cruise.
  • For safety during the cruise, please refrain from disturbing the captain.
  • The duration of the cruise may vary depending on sea and weather conditions, at the captain’s discretion.

Services Offered Skippered Charter The southwest coasts of Turkey host hundreds of bays with diverse features along the Aegean and Mediterranean. The activities that can be done in each bay also vary. Therefore, setting sail with an experienced captain and crew who know the region is important for your cruise quality and safety.

Why should you choose skippered charter? With an experienced captain who knows the region well, you can discover many more beautiful spots and make the best route planning. You won’t have the responsibility of operating the yacht, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. If you do not have the required license, you are obliged to charter our yacht with a skipper. Having a captain on board will provide you and your guests with extra confidence and comfort.

What is the role of the captain? The yacht captain is responsible for the safe navigation of the boat and the passengers on board. At the same time, they must follow a course that does not pose a danger to other vessels on the same route. This requires knowledge, experience, constant attention, and control.

Where does the captain stay during skippered charter? On sailing and catamaran-type boats, the captain stays in a private cabin located under the deck. But not all boats of this type may have a cabin called the skipper’s cabin. In such boats, the captain will stay in one of the vacant cabins on the boat. Therefore, in charters with accommodation, it is necessary to carefully calculate and confirm the boat’s capacity and the number of guests. Motor yachts and gulets usually have private cabins for the captain and crew.