İstanbul Yacht Rental


The Bosphorus Child, with its blue hull and white deck, as well as wooden interior decor, is one of the motor yachts that best suits the Istanbul coastline. With a length of 17 meters and a width of 4.45 meters, it offers spacious interior volumes. This spaciousness provides great comfort both on the deck and inside the boat.

In the guest cabin, there is a comfortable double bed, ample closet space and shelves that will be sufficient even for weekly rentals, and windows where you can see the daylight and the sea. The yacht’s spacious, well-maintained, and clean toilet/shower area is also one of the areas that will add comfort to your journey. The kitchen area, which is adequately sized and fully wooden-clad, is very practical with a sink, refrigerator, and stove. This kitchen will ensure that first-class cuisine is served to you throughout your rental. In addition to the yacht crew, you can also use it to create your own special tastes if you wish.

The captain’s cabin, with its floors covered with teak wood, provides a luxurious and enjoyable environment with its white leather seats. In this area, which includes television and music systems, you can have pleasant conversations. On the aft deck of Bosphorus Child, there is also a large area with white leather seating groups. You can use this area, which you can use when entering the sea, as a dining room as well. From this area, you can descend to the sea-level swimming platform of the yacht with a few steps and easily and safely immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Aegean.

Now, let’s talk about the most enjoyable area of the Bosphorus Child, the upper deck. This area, designed as a 360-degree panoramic terrace, allows you to sunbathe or sip your drink under the shade while enjoying the gentle breeze of Istanbul.

With accommodation for 4 people and a cruising capacity for 10 people, the yacht has Wi-Fi wireless internet connection. With a total of 2 crew members, Bosphorus Child offers all the services you are looking for, ensuring that you will experience the holiday of your dreams in Istanbul and its bays.

Services Offered

  • We can dock at the harbor or pier of your choice at any time.
  • You have the flexibility to stop the cruise at any location of your preference.
  • We can shop for your food and beverage preferences.
  • Wireless internet access.

Rental Terms

  • Conditions that you must adhere to for your comfort and safety during the rental period.
  • Compliance with maritime regulations is mandatory throughout the rental.
  • The number of passengers must not exceed the count specified during the reservation.
  • Changes to the initially planned cruising route should not be requested during the cruise.
  • For safety during the cruise, please refrain from disturbing the captain.
  • The duration of the cruise may vary depending on sea and weather conditions, at the captain’s discretion.

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  • -Cruise control
  • -ESP
  • -Leather interior
  • -Parking sensors
  • -Xenon
  • -ABS
  • +Air conditioning
  • -Alloy wheels